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Schneider & Sons Painting

Serving with integrity for over 35 years


Professional Consultation and Quotation:

‚Äč1. As professional painters in Oakville, Milton, and area we endeavor to meet with our potential clients as soon as they request a quotation and do our very best to come at the agreed upon day and time. We know you appreciate that.

2. We offer our most current references (testimonials) to review right here on our website. Check them out... We also encourage new clients to view our work at recent job sites to see for themselves the quality of work that we offer. I can arrange this for you at your convenience.

3. We are fully licensed, insured and are bond-able. We are covered by WCB and have a private business insurance policy in place.  

4. We recommend the highest quality paint products from local paint suppliers like Benjamin Moore, Cloverdale, Dulux and Sherwin Williams.  

Current Color Trends

Are you unsure of what colors to paint your home with? Let Schneider & Sons Painting, your painters in Oakville and area, help you decide. 

If you hate painting and dread doing it remember that we don't! Call us today for a free consultation and estimate.

New Construction

As painters in Oakville, Milton, and area, we offer custom quality home painting. If you want that factory finish look in your new home, you can have it. Pick your color and sheen and we will do the prep and get it done for you.

In this pic I am using a Graco 490 airless with a fine 210 finishing tip and applying (Sherwin Williams Latex Satin Super Paint.) I sanded all surfaces before applying the second coat to leave a smooth perfect finish.

Glorious Interior Painting

We can transform drab into fab. Is it time to do an interior makeover in your living spaces? Let us help you. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than putting bold and beautiful colors together that compliment your personal belongings and make you feel great in your peaceful abode. Consider a living room or kitchen upgrade today!

High Quality Spraying

We use only the top Graco spray equipment available to professional painters. We incorporate a wide variety of spray tips for different finishes.  

We do custom home painting and always finish our interior doors, frames and trim with Graco spray equipment. The final product is amazing! 

Cupboard Refinishing

Can't afford to spend $20,000 on a new set of cupboards? Get a new look and paint your existing set. Ask Schneider and Sons, your painters in Oakville and area, about the new durable product lines available and choose a color that would look fantastic in your Kitchen!

Here we changed the finish of the cupboards as they had a brown/orange finish that the owner was not happy with. In this case they had finished an older style Dining Room Table and Chairs in the same shade. They added antique handles to the cupboards to add to the look they were after.  Color used was BM Ranchwood.

Check out our project page to learn about how we refinished our set seen in the picture.

Bold Exterior Painting

Go bold and turn some heads when you refinish the outside of your home. Choose a new durable product line to protect the exterior of your home. Let Schneider and Sons help you sell your home or just make your home absolutely beautiful just for you. Your painters in Oakville and area are ready to serve you!

Condominium Painting

We paint Condominiums. Exterior and Interiors.

Check out our 'job and before/after' pages.

Deck Painting

Decks and railings. Remember decks are always your second home. The better maintained they are the more you will want to live on them and share with your family and friends.

Commercial & Industrial Painting

We are your painters in Oakville and area.

Re-Sale & Move In

Move your property fast!!

Would you prefer to buy a home that looked finished and beautiful or unfinished and drabby?

They say the fastest way to move your property is to get it professionally painted.  Your painters in Oakville and area can do that for you!

It might just be the trim work on the exterior or even the front door that needs attention. Inside, is it just the front room that needs work or does the whole house need a modern fresh look?

The initial investment will pay off in dividends in a short period of time.

Call us , your painters in Oakville and area for a free estimate anytime..   

The Full Package

We guarantee customer satisfaction. Each project is different but in the end the same because we strive to give each customer exactly what they want and are paying for. Please consider the consistent professional services of Schneider and Sons Painting today in Oakville, Milton, and area.