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Schneider & Sons Painting

Serving with integrity for over 30 years

Custom Quality Finishing In Oakville, Milton and area...

We were happy to paint this beautiful home. It had not been painted since it’s construction. We used a solid color stain called Gray Slate from Benjamin Moore.  We also did the garage, shop and side buildings. 

In Milton, Ontario, there are many beautiful Heritage Homes in the Older section of the City.  We were happy to be able to work on this one from the late 1800's.  This interior was an addition to the original home that was done in 2005.  It was ready for a refurbish.  We used Benjamin Moore products and on the cabinets C2 Cabinet and Trim paint.

The customers wanted a Shellac look finish on their fireplace cabinets.  I used a product called C2 Cabinet and Trim.  It is a hybrid product which allows cleanup with water.  You can see below the prep pictures and a close up of the finish they were after. 

These rooms had beautiful widows and tons of trim. With time and patience, caulking and masking are a must before applying the color.

The latest craze in home decorating is black trim, windows and accessories.  We just finished this home and the owners were very happy with the transformation. We used a Satin finish. 

This Heritage home in Milton was originally built in 1894. It was a “Lumber Yard” office building at that time. The additions done to the home over the years have definitely added to it’s unique current beauty.  The owners decided to use the two tones you see in the pictures below. It’s soft elegance with its gingerbread trimmings and brick give this home it’s own unique curb side appeal. 

  The board and batten were never caulked in the past. We felt the house would be better protected and better finished if the caulking was done. In the end we used over 40 tubes of non shrink caulking. We were pleased with the results after two coats of solid color stain. On the trim, doors and frames, we used Sherwin Williams Emerald Satin latex for a nice contrast in sheen. 

It was a privilege to be given the Tender to refinish this home In Old Milton, ON.  This Heritage home from the late 1800’s was originally done as you see with the front porch, pillars and extensive trim work wrapped around all four sides. This gorgeous home boasts 10 shades of color. 5 different shades of green alone. With the use of a 60 ft articulating boom we still needed over 3 weeks to complete. 

The pillars and bases on this home were in need of serious repairs due to insect invasion over the years. As you can see below, the bases were destroyed and some of the lower sections of the columns had to be cut out and replaced with new. After the carpenters (Classic Renovations) completed the repairs, we were able to repaint and restore their beauty. 

This home needed a modern upgrade. The owners chose Sherwin Williams 2021 Color of the Year (Urbane Bronze). We used solid color stain on the beams, entrance soffit, shutters and fencing around the yard. On the doors and frames we used SW Emerald Satin. 

This project was definitely a career highlight for me. The Oak & Vine Estate. (6380 Lakes Road, Duncan.)

Owned and operated by Cameron & Masika Woods. Masika is a professional photographer here in the Duncan area.

This former barn on her property was renovated to accommodate Wedding receptions and other public events. The interior is amazing and is a must see if you are looking for a rental for your upcoming wedding or special event. 

The only area not getting painted white are the shingles which were recently installed on this building.

In the end, all areas would be finished with the exact shade of white. In the mean time....lots of work!

Here we are working our way around.

The cedar shakes were wire brushed as the east side was badly affected by years of heat.

All windows would be masked in preparation for spraying oil primer onto the entire area to seal out 'bleeding' through the white finish.

Before priming was done we caulked every edge of trim joints on the entire building.

We used up to 30 tubes of caulking on this project.

However, these prepping details make the difference between a nice job and exceptionable one.

The east side seen here was in the worst condition due to years of sun. The shakes wire brushed down to bare. We had to use oil based primer on this entire side as shown in pic.

Some 4 more coats of paint would give us the final finish desired.

Here we are on the west side spraying oil based primer. The new steps/railings would be installed a few days later.

It was a challenge to cover chocolate brown to the white shade that was chosen.

50 gallons of paint solves issues like this as well as 2 Graco spray systems.

After extensive caulking on the stairs and railings we primed with oil and then 3 coats of Satin Latex paint to get this finish.

Here my son Brendan and I are brushing/rolling out the beams and pillars which give the building a warm but bold appeal.

We had tons of nail holes to fill and then of course more than a few coats of paint applied to get the crisp solid finish we were after.

Attention to detail and lots of patience equals a beautiful finish that everyone is happy with.

Of course we had to paint the attic access box on the roof.

There were lots of challenges but as my wife always tells me, "just put your head down and work."

In the end we were very happy with the result as were the owners.

Please see the before and after section to see the contrast.

Here below are a couple pics from an amazing project on Shawnigan Lake, Vancouver Island.  This was formally a "Boat House" on the lake shore and transformed into a Lake house for the family to enjoy on vacation when desired.  The owners were very particular as you can tell by the photos.  Their sense of style was exceptionally warm and inviting as well.  They installed ship-lap boards on all the wall areas and wanted them painted white in a satin finish. They brought exterior sun doors in from Germany (not shown in pictures), the cupboards and storage areas were built out of rough cut lumber adding to the country look. This was a fun project to be on!  We got to use some vibrant colors and were anticipating the final results as seen.  Fantastic!!

The second floor featured three bedrooms and a bathroom at the end of the hallway. This was a great memory and am pleased to display on our website.

Here is a typical Vancouver Island Acreage. Beautiful!

This home had tons of trim as you can see. The backside was identical to the front on the home and garage.  

We painted PR Trucking in Duncan this summer. This was our biggest industrial job to date. We used a lift and did a 3 tone change all around the building.  

We finished this project with our crew in a little over a week. We used a satin finish on all surfaces and stucco portions done in a flat.

This beautiful home in Youbou was one that always caught my eye whenever I drove by. I did note that it was due for an exterior repaint and stopped in a year ago and left my card with the owner.

Just recently I got the privilege to re-paint the top section of the house as the owner had done the bottom section himself.

Now its good for another 8-10 years or so.....

This quaint home below was originally the same colours as you see finished but siding was faded badly and the trim work was looking pretty beat up and tired. Now the owner is very happy to get her new home back. The Cedar rail fence, trees, and shrubs give this home a real cozy look. 

When I saw this house I just wanted to paint it. The former paint job was very adequate by the previous painters but the home owners were never really happy with the color.

We repainted the trim white portions to match but re coated the siding twice to get the solid new color choice seen here.

When you have opportunity to dress a home in bold trim, beams and pillars it really adds subtle character and elegance as it does on this home.

When I first looked at this job I saw the steep roof pitch and wondered if I should price this out or not. The home owners only wanted the trim portions done. The painting had not been done since the original construction so it was very due.

The portion of the project that concerned me the most was these dormers. The roof was too steep to just stand or walk onto. Also, the angle of the ladder from the ground up would be too much of an angle as the gutter section would interfere with ladder placement. We thought of setting up two sections of scaffolding but would still be too far away from the dormers.


There is always a tool for every job!

In the end we decided to use the truck to get us up there. The ladder would be on a dangerous angle but we placed it higher and set it up against the tool box in the truck box bed so it would be impossible to kick out. Now my feet would not have to touch the shingles at all and I could still access everything in the front.

My son Brendan stood on a hook ladder and was able to safely get at the side fascia boards.

Final result! Crispy white again and done....

This was not as bad as I had anticipated.  

Next, one more dormer and fascia.

When we show up on a project we bring our "full gear."

We bring every ladder and accessory we have because until we get on the job we are uncertain what we actually need until we start climbing around. Our hook ladder came in especially handy on this home with the steep pitches.

The house was dry and we used up nearly 4 gallons of paint on the trim areas alone after the two coat finish.

Rear of house and more fascia.

Enjoyed working on this acreage.....

There is no better pleasure in business when you finish a job and the home owner is just as happy with the end result as you and your crew are.

With check in hand we head home and anticipate the next project and friendly customers we have the privilege to serve.

This home had 6 gables. The detailed roof line brought lots of interesting detail and a unique look to the house.

We pressure washed the home and repainted all the trim portions for the owner.

Here is an older but solid home that was overdue for a paint job. The new owners had recently purchased and did a ton of work already. Now it was time to bring the tired exterior back to life.

This side of the house faces the south and shows it by the extreme fading.  

The soffits were cedar and previously painted white. First step was to repaint the soffits and fascia before working on the new brilliant siding color chosen.

As you can see the new color is vibrant and bold. You can see the difference in the before/after page.

One of the most rewarding experiences in painting homes is making a complete transformation like this one.

On this project we used our Graco 490 Airless with a 100 ft. hose.

We set up and could reach around the entire house without moving our unit.

With a vibrant bold finish the home owners are very happy with the final result and color choice.

We have been busy over the past couple of years working at the Valley view Center in the Cobble Hill area. Here we were re-coating the Hardy Board seen in picture. This job included all the towers on both buildings. We used A-100 Low sheen latex from Sherwin Williams.

This home was maxed with trim work!  Lots of widows front and back, fascia with beam work, spindles and railings, trim boards under all the gutters, and lots of gable ends.

In this case the siding was in nice shape and the owner did not want it touched. Now everything looks new again. 

As you can see there was lots of climbing around....we had to use every ladder we owned to reach each area. 

The customer was very happy it was done and grateful he didn’t have to do it himself. 

BC Hydro called us up to repaint one of their Hydro boxes outside a public facility. It had been covered with graffiti and also had some rust which was deteriorating the lower portion of the box. We did some repairs and later sprayed the box with an industrial latex product that covers over oil paint. A before picture would have made this photo look that much more amazing.

We enjoyed this recent home as it has it's own unique beauty. Lots of trim and contrast with the two colors. However, beautiful homes often accompany difficulty in maneuverability. You can see in this case we have height and slope. I built myself a hook ladder that lays on the slope and hooks itself on the top peak. Now I can walk freely as if I was on the ground. One fall for me is 'game over.' Therefore, I make sure I am safe and comfortable before I proceed. I tell my sons often that there is a 'tool for every job' and there really is.

Often trim work and frames are not caulked properly when installed leaving big gapes and cracks. If these areas are caulked prior to painting the finish is solid and looks amazing. A good painting company will consider this and mention this during the quotation process and suggest that it gets done to provide the customer with a better look and longevity.

When we have opportunity to do so we like to prep and spay the frames and doors in the home. Why? We want to give the customer a factory finish. However, there is no room for error. This process is very time consuming and patience is essential to pull it off.

Sanding before coats of paint is essential to get the smooth factory finish. Special care is taken in this process between coats to insure proper dry time and prep. Re-installing them is another challenge. But it sure feels great to have them in with their new hardware in place!!

I really enjoy the work I do. Happily, my customers do to. With time, patience, skill, experience, the right equipment and products.... a painter can do amazing work.

We specialize in Condo painting. Interiors and exteriors.

We recently painted out all the hallways in the Rosewood Condominium here in Duncan.

The last time it was painted was 25 years ago when built. The strata association chose to lighten up the Hallways and stairwells with these warm bright colors. The dark '90's peach shades were just not working for them anymore. (See Before/After section.)

Here the two tone finish makes the hallways look new, modern and bright.

We used the Cloverdale Super 2 latex eggshell on the walls and Cloverdale Renaissance Satin Latex on the trim and doors.

This beautiful home belongs to Greg Ball of Duncan. It was built in the early 1900's. Years later a talented man added all the wooden detail to the home. Mr. Ball and his wife purchased it around one year ago and wanted it to be restored. As you can see from the one side of this home all the detail for any painter to be challenged with. Please see the before and after section for this project.

We used a special stucco product which goes on like pudding but fills all cracks and holes and dried like concrete. This product seals out moisture and is not supposed to not fade for many years.

This industrial Business requested a complete makeover. Check it out on our Before/After section.

This home below was a unique project. The house was newly built.  The owners wanted to create a look they saw in home magazines. They wanted everything white and then have an unfinished wood look to offset the crispy white. She had the shutters and railing caps done as well as the pillars in the rear. 

I have chosen this home to feature as well as it was a recent job locally that I really enjoyed. This house was the most beautiful I have seen in years or ever. The windows you see here are throughout the entire home including the master bedroom on the second floor which has a real fireplace. The outside view is of a gorgeous garden surrounding the entire house. Beyond that is an untouched forest with the most amazing stand of trees hosting many deer and birds to view and hear from the window.                   

This home was originally built about 20 yrs ago. I was covering the original color which was very dated. We re-painted the walls and ceilings with a striking beige/grey color which is currently very popular. We used Sherwin Williams paint on this project and were very happy with the outcome. (velvet-Superpaint latex line) A great product for covering darker colors with lighter. A definite recommendation for these circumstances.

This was the highest peak. We bring in Baker Scaffolding which can be wheeled around by a second person quite easily. We cover the floors with cardboard beforehand. Rentals by Highway Rentals, Duncan, BC.

We worked around wooden beams in the living area. The beams remained a high white gloss and we finished the ceilings with a flat latex to avoid flashing.

I rolled the entire ceiling surfaces from the ground with the 12 ft extension pole. Afterwards from the scaffolding we did our caulking and cut-ins around the beams, walls, and lighting.

We used Sherwin Williams paint on this project and were very happy with the outcome.

(velvet-superpaint latex line) A great product for covering darker colors with lighter.

Here is a home we recently painted for Don McClintock. This house was originally buil​t in 2001 on a three acre acreage to replicate a barn style home and was finished in barn red. It had not been repainted until now. We used Sherwyn Williams latex all purpose primer and their new line of exterior flat Super Paint.

After 40 some gallons we were finished the job including all the fencing, deck work, trellis, gates and doors.

See the before and after pics of this project on the before/after page.

This elegant home belongs to Maria Potter. She wanted to decorate her retirement home with class and this she did. Her living area had vaulted ceilings and she chose deep tones to compliment her furniture and decor.

Maria was very particular about furniture placement and specific items to add to the look she was after. I loved the hardwood she chose for her floors throughout the house.

Here Maria continued the deep tone into the Hallway. Notice the large picture used to make the hallway not look smaller but bigger and more dynamic.

Here in the office a different tone was chosen on the walls that still complimented the flooring, decor and darker color outside of the room.

If you are unhappy with your garage doors it might be because you have 3 colors on your home and white is not working with your siding and trim colors. What can you do? I have re-painted these doors to match the trim color or the siding. Each one is nice. In some cases, the doors could be painted a third color that ties in all three together.

The next pics show the process we use in getting that factory finish everybody is after.

We mask the glass areas carefully after thoroughly cleaning the door surfaces. We mask the door framework and drop sheet the driveway. Once everything is prepped and ready we use our special spray unit for these types of projects. See below.

Graco has come out with an amazing product that is cordless running off of Dewalt batteries. This unit was worth every penny. I can get an automotive type spray finish with this system leaving every customer amazed with the final product. We use a high end durable paint product with a Satin finish and spray two light coats to get the look. See the finished doors below.

Don't you agree that in this case the doors look better matching the siding color? The customers agreed.

This home was a bit challenging with the 3rd section on both sides. The stucco color beforehand was a cream shade from 20 years ago. The trim color was a yellow/brown. The owners chose the new colors and are now very happy with their new look! We had 3 neighbors come by on this job site to ask for quotations.

Here is my son Brendan painting the top level fascia board. We strapped him into a safety harness and rope tied to something safe on the other side. Each job has it's difficult aspects. The key is to use the right tools and be patient in the process. The end result is getting it done while doing our best to be safe and as comfortable as possible.

Here is a home that was originally a cream stucco and brown trim and garage door. The owners replaced the roof and the gutters/downspouts from white to back.

We sprayed the white metal soffits a glossy black to match the downspouts and gutters.

We sprayed the garage door black too which was previously brown.

On the right hand side you can see where the customer has yet to re-paint her bricks. Her goal was to remove the dated look of the original brickwork.

Prior to doing anything we offer a complete pressure wash. In this case we were surprised how much dirt came off.

We sprayed the white soffits black to begin with.

From here we sprayed the new stucco color. This was challenging as we had to spray into the soffits.

In the end the place looked amazing and the customer was very happy with the results.

Here is the completed back side of the house.

New decking will be installed soon and landscaping to finish off the back area.

Here is an older house from the late 50's with the original stucco rock and glass surface.

The process involved in getting a good coverage and sealing the cracks from moisture would mean using a high end Dulux Elastomeric stucco product.

This product is too thick to spray with most sprayers so the roll on method was my only option.

This process took lots of time and patience to get the look we wanted.

The windows and fascia were in very bad shape but with lots of TLC we gave the home a few more years of life.

We finished the siding and lower concrete areas with a royal blue. Combined with the fresh white we ended up with a very cute little place.

On this project the customer (Judi Hirst) wanted to paint her walls and trim white. Her desire was to display lots of colors in her home using bright pictures and ornaments throughout. The white background would thereafter enhance the colors through out her living space. In the kitchen she displayed a lot of items including some small appliances that were turquoise. We matched this color and painted the door to make it stand out as part of the decor. This unique idea added much more life and appeal to the room. The product used was Sherwin Williams All Surface Enamel in a velvet latex finish. We used a velvet finish on the walls and semi gloss on all the baseboards, trim, doors and frames.  

Here on this home, Karen Jackson wanted to brighten up her kitchen area and bring more sunshine into her space. Traditionally, ceilings are always done in a flat white finish. Here she broke that tradition and used a beautiful tone of yellow instead.  

The room truly does have a unique look and feel to it now. We finished the walls in an off white. (Sherwin Williams Velvet Latex Super Paint.) 

Hardy board exteriors are bountiful here. Of course with the local design of houses with their uniqueness and beauty creates challenges for painters. On this project we used (Sherwin Williams A-100 Exterior Latex Low Sheen.) This home was built by Elmworth Construction here in Duncan.

Here is a beautiful rural home we painted this past fall outside of Duncan. It was built by Bob Thompson Construction. We used Sherwin Williams A-100 Flat on the siding and trim surfaces.

Your painters in Oakville and area....